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    DefaultRed/sensitive ears

    Any home remedies for sensitive and red ears? The last time Rocky had ears like this I went to the vet the NEXT evening and the ears were fine : At 60$ a visit I don't want to jump the gun again.

    Anything I can try in the meantime? He moves them away from my hand if it approches (though he lets me touch) and they are visibly red. They do NOT appear to be dirty though.

    And yes - I will monitor and go to the vet if needed. I'm not that cheap, promise! But I don't want another pointless visit!
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: Red/sensitive ears

    You can try Labby's Purple Stuff a lot of people here swear by it.
    You can mix it yourself or buy it from a link in her article. It's supposed to sooth the ears as well as clear up yeast infections.

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    DefaultRe: Red/sensitive ears

    If you find something good that works, let me know.

    What I do is try to clean their ears out once a week or so. When they get ear infections, I give them Odimax (not sure on spelling), but I got it from the vet - it's not a home remedy by any means. But this is the only thing I've found that kills their ear infections.

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    DefaultRe: Red/sensitive ears

    Tanya, was it Rocky who was eating the poop? Abby eats poop and I notice that when she does her ears go all funny too.

    I swear by Labby's purple stuff. Use witch hazel and it becomes soothing and cooling too.
    Me, Abzilla and the Helomonster.


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