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Thread: My Baby has Parvo! Any advice?

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    I'm sorry to hear that Daniel. I have a litter of 8 - 5 wk old pups right now that will be likely be getting their Neopar parvo vaccine tomorrow, barring any roadblocks. Unfortunately I had to put them on solid food a bit faster than normal and managed to overfeed them, causing diarrhea... so hopefully that is all on the mend now. Parvo is terrible in my area, so I definitely take it seriously. Anne

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    Buddy stil cant get up on his own but if I prop him up and coax him with snacks - he can walk on his own. Very shaky though and not for long. The vet is stumped as to why this is happening but he feels since he is making progress, I should wait a little longer and let him heal. He feels his nervous system was compromised while sick and just needs to get stronger and all. Its very frustrating for me as I have to carry and lift Buddy all day. I miss my old Buddy and hope he comes back soon!!! Over all though he is doing very well - happy, eating and playing (while he lays!)!

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