urinary tract infections
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    Hi. i was just wondering if anyone here has any info on urinary tract infections. foster got diagnosed with one today and is on antibiotic for 2weeks can cranberry juice help with the symptoms? he is moping around and not his usual crazy self. i feel bad for him he'll go outside and pee and that think he has to go again and stand there with nothing coming out. any idea how long it will take to see relief with meds? any info will be great.


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    DefaultRe: urinary tract infections

    Some people give their dogs cranberry pills. Oona had three UTIs before she was 1. I started giving her a tablespoon of plain Dannon yogurt once a day and she didn't have one again until this summer when I stopped giving her anything but her dog food to try and figure out if anything which foods she was allergic too. So that means she went 4 years without having one.

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    DefaultRe: urinary tract infections

    I was advised not to do the cranberry pills while she was on the antibiotics. I do give Oakley yogurt on a regular basis now that she is over her infections as well. Success so far (knock on wood).
    You should notice improvement in a few days.

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    DefaultRe: urinary tract infections

    My 10 yr old Bear just had her first UTI. The Vet put
    her on antibiotics and there was improvement within
    24-48 hours!
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    DefaultRe: urinary tract infections

    The first set of antibiotics for Gabby didn't prove to be effective for her so we had to move to stronger drugs - so it took two weeks to see an improvement.

    Gabby also gets plain yogurt in her kong and a cranberry pill every morning.


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