fish oil and shedding
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Thread: fish oil and shedding

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    Defaultfish oil and shedding

    hi i own gus an 11 week old chocolate lab. i have been reading posts about shedding and wanted to pass along that when i got Gus, the breeder suggested fishoil for his coat and skin. my sister has Ben a 2 year old chc lab. he had been shedding like crazy and had really flaky skin. i gave her some fish oil. she has been giving it to him for almost 4 weeks and the improvement is amazing, the shedding is very normal amounts now and he has no more flaky dry skin.

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    DefaultRe: fish oil and shedding

    I think a lot of people, including myself, give fish oil for it's health benefits. I've been doing so for nearly a year. I can't tell that it's cut down on the shedding at all. BUT it definitely helps w/ the dandruff. I wish there was a magic bullet for the shedding, but alas, there is not ...

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    DefaultRe: fish oil and shedding

    We use fish oil too. I don't think it's been an amazing cure-all for dandruff/shedding, but it's helped plus the other health benefits....we'll continue using it...

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    DefaultRe: fish oil and shedding

    Most people I know use flaxseed oil instead. But anyways, how much do you all offer?

    My dad's friend, who has some experience in dogs, commented that lamb oil helps their fur too. Do you think it'll make a difference?

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    DefaultRe: fish oil and shedding

    I am beginning to think it is food related...

    my dog 10.5 months, rarely shed until abot 2 weeks ago when I switched food to natural balance venison and rice. The only time he shed prior to this was in the fall and now it is the dead of winter. It could jsut be his body getting used to the food. I noticed dandruff the first week as well and that has gone away now...

    shedding is not bad, but it is noticeable now when before it was not.

    I am sticking with the food though


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