Alternatives to Eukanuba Low Residue?
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Thread: Alternatives to Eukanuba Low Residue?

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    DefaultAlternatives to Eukanuba Low Residue?

    Sophie is a few days shy of a year old. I've tried a variety of high quality foods in the past few months, e.g, Wellness Chicken, Wellness Sweet Potato, and Nutro Ultra Chicken. On each food, she seemed okay for several weeks and then got diarrhea. I fasted her and fed her rice and lean meat until her system was regular and then tried the food again, in case it was not the food but something else that had triggered her symptoms. Each time, the diarrhea returned. After the last experience, my vet put her on Eukanuba Low Residue. She's been fine for a week, but I'm not sure about the quality of the food. It seems like Royal Canin's version would be better but my vet doesn't sell it. The food requires a prescription so I'd have to switch vets just to change brands. Does anyone have experience with Eukanuba? Alternatively, does anyone have a dog with similar symptoms? Are there any non-prescription diets that might be effective? The vet told me to keep her on Eukanuba Low Residue for a month and then transition her to yet another non-prescription food. :-\

    Thanks for your help!

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    DefaultRe: Alternatives to Eukanuba Low Residue?

    Both my older dog and my cat have been on Eukanuba Low Res.

    I don't really have a problem with's just really expensive around here. A 50lb bag for my dog cost me $100.

    Both of mine are now on Nutro. It seemed to work out fine.

    Oh, and your vet should be willing to write a prescription for Royal Canin, if that's what you want. Just ask.

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    DefaultRe: Alternatives to Eukanuba Low Residue?

    I agree, your vet should be able to give you a prescription for the food you want and thus allow you to get it elsewhere. If he WON'T, then I would take it as a sign that maybe you should change vets. I get prescriptions for meds all the time and buy them on-line, never had a trouble with the vet not wanting to do it.

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    DefaultRe: Alternatives to Eukanuba Low Residue?

    Are you using the Low Residue because the poop seemed to clear up? I had the same problem with Zoe when she was around a year or less. I was trying all sorts of foods and when she went to the kennel and was fed the Low Residue, the soft stool cleared up. It was then that I started trying foods with a higher fiber count in them; nothing less than 4%. She has been fine ever since finding a higher fiber food.
    If you vet won't give you a script to order online or somewhere cheaper; it's chaching chaching. The owner of our old clinic was like that. Luckily, my VERY WONDERFUL vet has opened her own practice and many of us said goodbye to Mr. Chaching.


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