Blood in My Dogs Stool..
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Thread: Blood in My Dogs Stool..

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    DefaultBlood in My Dogs Stool..

    I just want some opinions about this please!!! ;D

    My dog has mucous around her faeces and blood around it too. Now she did get into a piece of wood, maybe that could be the problem, but that was the day before Xmas and this has been going on since DEC. 24, 06. I took her to the vet yesterday and she was checked for worms with her stool, and they don't seem to know what's going on with her =( I'm feeding her dry food with high fiber and the high fiber still don't work!! Has anybody experienced this before??

    By the way she is 10 months old chocolate lab.

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    DefaultRe: Blood in My Dogs Stool..

    If she has worms, they won't show up always in evey sample. Hooks can cause blood in the stool. I would take a "very" fresh sample in and have them run another test; also she could have giardia, which is hard to diagnose with every sample, as well.

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    DefaultRe: Blood in My Dogs Stool..

    Well, I'm no expert about worms, so it could be that, I'm just not sure enough to comment.

    But about the wood... Bailey swallowed a piece of hard plastic. It was showing some blood in her stool. Our vet told us to give her metamucil and check and see if it came out.

    We did, and it did. And the blood was gone. He said anything like that could be irritating her intestine and I guess if it doesn't come out it's just in there irritating it still.

    If I understood you said that wood went in Dec. 24 and it's been going on since. It just might be that.

    I would maybe ask your vet about this. Bailey got a cup an hour and we had to use a turkey baster to get it in her. But it formed a stool around the plastic and out it came neatly wrapped up. Didn't have any blood after that.

    I wouldn't know how much metamucil to tell you to give, it's per pound and at this moment I don't remember how much she weighed. But your vet could tell you.

    Good luck


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