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    I'm not sure what is wrong with Molly but was wondering if this is normal. She will go 2 days sometimes without eating. I have switched food b/c at first I wasn't sure if she just didn't like the food but she still won't eat when I switch it up. She will love the food I get one week then the next she will not even touch it. Does anyone else have a problem with this? I'm starting to wonder if I should take her to the vet.

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    How old is she?

    My Puff started doing that around 8 months age. That's when I discovered she's one of the rare "mutant" Labs that are "self-regulating" in food intake.

    Young Lab puppies need 2-3X the amount of daily food intake (in kcals) that an adult dog of the same weight would need. BUT the closer they come to their adult weight, then the more that multiplier (2-3X) decreases to 1.2-1.0X.

    Puff started skipping meals at that time for a day or so. When I reduced the amount offered her, she started eating again. We had several stages like that.

    We went from Puff's all time high of 5 cups/day down to her present adult level of 2½ cups/day.
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