Adequan injections for dysplasia
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    My female lab has elbow dysplasia with arthritis in both elbows. She's already had arthroscopic surgery once to remove bone fragments and shave down part of the joint that was rubbing. It helped some but she still has a limp. We're trying adequan injections now. I was just curious as to whether anyone has experience with them good or bad. For good experiences, how long did it take to notice a change. She's in the loading dose period right now - 2 shots per week for six or eight weeks. She's only had two shots so I'm not surprised that I haven't seen any change yet. Just curious what type of results others had.

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    DefaultRe: Adequan injections for dysplasia

    Hi, my Scotty also has elbow dysplasia (FCP). He had orthroscopic surgery to remove fragments and shave down the bones about a year ago. He also has arthritic leisioins in his joints. After the surgery, we started doing physical therapy (underwater treadmill and electrostimulation). I think physical therapy was the most helpful in building the muscle mass back and getting the joint juices flowing. We did the loading dose of Adequan, too. He's been on Rimadyl and Tramadol on and off (mostly on). Plus his G/C supplements.

    Unfortunately, I cannot isolate Adequan. I hope to try to isolate its effect some time. I believe that it's helping. Scotty was doing magnificent last summer, he was off of all meds and no physical therapy. Then he started limping again when the weather got colder. Being the way that I am, I got him back on everything. We're trying to wean him off again. He's doing physical therapy every other week and getting an Adequan shot on the off-weeks from physical therapy. He's on 150mg of Rimadyl each day, too. Starting in February when our weather starts to get warmer, we'll work on decreasing Rimadyl.

    My point is that dealing with ED takes a lot of different things. What are you doing besides Adequan for you dog? From what I read and heard, your dog's level of activity is important. You don't want the dog to just sit in a crate all day because that would cause the joints to calcify faster. You want that joint juice flowing (which Adequan helps with) and moderate activity is good for that (PT or swimming). My dog is very active, we train for competitive obedience and tracking. I make sure that he gets some moderate exercise every day. He's been limp-free for at least two months.

    I am so sorry that you have to deal with ED. It's heartbreaking to see our beloved dogs in pain (especially when they are young). I hope that you see improvements with Adequan. Do you have a PT facility near you? Have you looked into massage therapy? I had a certified canine massage therapist show me several things to do to help Scotty. I know there are some good books on canine massage out there.

    Please, come back and let us know your Adequan experience.

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    DefaultRe: Adequan injections for dysplasia

    Maddy was given adequan as part of her recovery from her arthroscopic surgery for FCP. We have only used supplements since. Most the time she is fine, though times she overdoes it and limps a bit, and we use Metacam then.

    I think SoCalLabLover gives her Libby injections of might want to touch base with her.


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