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Thread: Scabs?

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    Zora was at the Kennel for a week while I was in Florida. Got her back and 2 days later, I started noticing scab like things on the top of her head and around her neck. It's almost like dried puss(sorry). At first my husband and I thought it was from playing w/ other dogs, but then she started getting them on her back. Could this be skin allergies. I have an apt. with the vet, but just thought I'd ask her. It's not until after the holidays.
    <br />ZORA

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    2 months ago i noticed ginger had some puss filled circles then turned into a scab. i took her to the vet and it was a staph infection. they gave antibiotics and medicated shampoo.

    she could have that??

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    Is it ooey and gooey? Fur all crusty and hard? Sounds like hot spots. They have a variety of causes and one is nips and bites from playing with other dogs. Basically a scratch occurs and then heal over quickly however bacteria is trapped underneath the scab and the fur keeps it hot and brewing. Then it spreads under the skin and finally breaks open. The dog will typically begin scratching at this point and it can end up bleeding and ooey and gross. The only way to get it to dry up is to shave the area to remove the fur and clean and apply medication daily. I like to use a 2:1 rubbing alcohol to water mixture to clean, pat dry, and apply Gold bond medicated powder several times a day. I also give Benedryl for the itch. If they get severe then an antibiotic is needed and vet's can prescribe a more powerful powder (Neopredef) or a spray (Gentocin).


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