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    DefaultDog washing

    I previously posted about Charlie's hair loss and washing him as a possible culprit jumped to my mind. On Sundays we go hiking out in the country. You know how hard it is to keep a Lab out of water. So...he's muddy and stinks of swampy, icky water. I bathe him using a dog shampoo but I can see how weekly baths woud possibly harm his hair. He does have a beautiful coat as soft as corn silk. I'll check at the pet store for a different shampoo, that brush the Kong makers make, etc. Any thoughts anyone.....

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    DefaultRe: Dog washing

    For starters, his coat isn't suppose to be soft.

    Anyway you can spot wash him rather than a complete bath?


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    DefaultRe: Dog washing

    Our girl is also very much a water dog, and runs straight to the river every time we go to the dog park. This "river run" includes a muddy bank. Needless to say, she can't come in the house after that kind of outing. I have never bathed her, but do rinse her off with the garden hose. Maybe try the rinse method without any shampoo.

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    DefaultRe: Dog washing

    I would try just hosing him off after swimming and let him dry. Most of the wet dog smell goes away once they dry and maybe brush him out. If he still stinks try to listerine bath (I think it's 50/50 listerine and water) in a squirt bottle.

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    DefaultRe: Dog washing

    Not sure if this will help but this is what was said in the book "Labrador Retrievers for Dummies" says about bathing.

    "Labs don't need to be bathed frequently, and too-frequent bathing can dry out there skin, stripping it of natural oils. Instead, make sure your lab plently of time outdoors each day (outdoor air is good for keeping the skin moist) an stick to a good brushing for cleanleness. Bathe your lab only when he/she gets really dirty; sometimes plain water will do the trick."

    "Brush your lab with a natural bristle or nylon brush. Althought lab coats don't require a daily brushing (they can get by with a weekly brushing), daily brushing feels great to your lab and keeps her coat immaculatley clean, free from shed hairs, and shiny."

    Brushing really does help, it gets rid of all the dead hair which is a big cause to the smell.

    Hope this helps.....think its a pretty good book to really understand what a lab is all about in a easy way.


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