Laryngeal Paralysis?
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Thread: Laryngeal Paralysis?

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    My 12.5 yr old Lab has been tentatively diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. Apparently, this is fairly common in Labs. Has anyone had any experience with this? Bessie can have weeks when she's just fine with no symptoms, and then she'll get hit with a few days of labored breathing. The condition really doesn't slow her down much, but it's distressing to see how loud and difficult her breathing can be when she has a bout of this. I have a great vet and I trust her diagnosis...just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Thanks for any info!

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    DefaultRe: Laryngeal Paralysis?

    Our little girl Tootsie has LP, she is a puppy mill rescue having her vocal cords cut at least once. The best advice I can give you since there isn't much out there is to maintain her weight, use a harness, watch her with heat and bitter cold weather, make sure she as stress free as possible.

    Tootsie is 7 this year, weighs 65lbs and is 21.5" she acts like a puppy most of the time There are times when I have to insist she stop running to catch her breathe, most of the time she knows her limitations. We elevated her food dish and that seemed to help with her choking. Right now surgery is not required for our little girl, did your doctor talk to you about this? In the past 4 years since Tootsie's adoption I have only talked with one person that had to have the LP surgery done and her lab is doing great. There really isn't alot out there on the subject at least we were unable to find much. I don't know if I have helped you any or not there is probably someone more knowledgeable then I am that will better be able to answer your questions.
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    DefaultRe: Laryngeal Paralysis?

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    DefaultRe: Laryngeal Paralysis?

    Hi, my 11 year old female yellow lab, Simba just had the tieback surgery. She started with her breathing difficulties in May and we thought at first that it was her allergies. We gave her Benadryl and it seemed to help. She started have more and more bouts in August and we took her in to the vet and we had bloodwork and xrays done at that time. He referred us to a specialist. We watched her and although she seemed to be doing somewhat better, I think the Benadryl was just making her more sleepy and therefore we weren't hearing her breathing problems as much. Over these past two weeks her breathing has become louder, she was hacking up food and only was eating every other day and then vomitting a lot too. I took her in on Monday and they sedated her and checked her larynx, etc. Later that afternoon the doctor confirmed that she had bilateral laryngeal paralysis. We scheduled her surgery for Thursday. I went to pick her up Monday afternoon and she had taken a turn for the worse. They had her on oxygen and she was near death. The surgeon was able to do emergency surgery on her that night and after spending two days in the hospital we have her home and her prognosis is good. She can eat and breath like a pup again. It's only been 3 days, but I am so glad that we did this for her. Good luck to you and your lab!

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    DefaultRe: Laryngeal Paralysis?

    Our dear, old Mick was diagnosed with LP a few months after his 11th birthday. With life style changes, we were able to keep him comfortable and happy for another 4+ years. Keeping Mick happy included visiting the school where I work, and going to training classes, among other things. Mick was the kind of dog that liked to do things, and get out and about. So we did just that, only modified to keep him comfortable. One thing I found invaluable was a squirt bottle. I took one with me everywhere Mick went. It was perfect for giving him just enough of a drink to keep him comfortable when we were walking. Towards the end, we also realized that the swallowing motion helped the LP. Also, I started walking Mick using his tracking harness- no pressure on his neck. Something to keep in mind, also, is to remain calm during an LP episode- your dog will feed off you. If you're uptight, anxious, etc, your dog will be, and that will make the episode last longer. (((hugs)))


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