Kennel Cough - update - now swollen lymph nodes
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Thread: Kennel Cough - update - now swollen lymph nodes

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    DefaultKennel Cough - update - now swollen lymph nodes


    I am not sure that I know what kennel cough sounds like, but Reba has been coughing today. Sort of a hacking sound and like she is trying to get something out of her throat.* *I called the vet's office and have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.* *Just what do they do for kennel cough?* *An antibiotic?* *Or do you just let your dog ride out the storm?* *I am very cautious about Reba and antibiotics.* *It seems like every time I treat her for something, she winds up having a seizure.* *I definitely do not want a steroid.* *She does not act sick, but may be just a little melancholy.

    I do not remember when her last kennel cough treatment was, but she is probably almost due.* *The concensus here is that there are so many strains, that it is probably not going to prevent getting it.* Right?

    Halle seems to be okay.* *Not sure just where Reba would pick this up.* *She has only been to the park where we frequently go. We did 'dog sit' last Saturday for a neighbor.* That dog was not coughing.* Oct. 15 was our first ever use of FrontLine Plus.* Other than that I cannot think of anything out of the ordinary.



    By the time Reba's Friday afternoon vet appointment, she was not coughing very often.* *But I kept the appointment anyway, because she was almost out of thyroid meds and I want to make sure we are good to leave on a 2 week trip at the end of the month.* *Isn't that when the kids always get sick?

    The vet said that Reba's lymph nodes were swollen.* Temp was okay.* *Now she is on amoxitabs for 2 weeks.* *So far, so good; no negative reactions.
    Any ideas on what can cause swollen lymph nodes?* We go back in 2 weeks for a recheck.

    Judy, mom to Reba, the Lab, and Jalapeno (Halle), the JRT

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    DefaultRe: Kennel Cough

    I don't have any experience with kennel cough, but this was posted the other day by Vanis...there is a video of her dog coughing. Hope Reba feels better soon.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Kennel Cough

    Our puppy had a cough for about a week, it would get worse at night. The vet said it was probably kennel cough ( he never heard her cough at his office) but recommended 1/2 tbs of Robitussin 3 times a day. And that if it continued for 1more week or we saw green discharge from her nose to take her in. We gave her the cough med for a couple of nights only and it just went away.
    Good Luck!

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    DefaultRe: Kennel Cough

    Yup, same for our Madu - he had it only for a few days and it went away on its own....don't worry too much about it!


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