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Thread: diarrhea - changed food

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    Defaultdiarrhea - changed food

    I put my 6-month-old pup on adult Nutro almost a week ago (we have an adult Golden, so did this just to save buying 2 foods). I didn't do it gradually like you are supposed to and she has had loose stools for almost a week. Should it be firming up by now? Should I worry? She is fine otherwise, no other symptoms.

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    DefaultRe: diarrhea - changed food

    hmm it's highly recommended that you gradually change foods in order to avoid diarreah. Diarreah/loose stool for a week is really bad for your dog. He could end up being dehydrated and have other imbalances in his system.

    At this point...I'd personally make him fast for 24 hours. But do allow him to drink lots of water and then put him on just rice and boiled chicken and then slowly reintroduce the new food once his stool has firmed up.
    I also personally would have waited a little longer before putting the puppy on adult food. My breeder recommended 10-12 months old. So I am going by that recommendation.
    But some may disagree on that.

    Let's see what else the others recommend.
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    DefaultRe: diarrhea - changed food

    I agree with the advice given above.

    You switched too soon. Puppies digestions are not as well developed as an adult dog and as a result they are more likely to have upset stomachs. This is why you should switch foods gradually.

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    DefaultRe: diarrhea - changed food

    I for one never switch gradually. I'm too impatient for that. My dogs never have loose stools when I switch foods.

    I would wonder if the food might not be agreeing with the dog. You could rest the gut for a day or two with chicken and rice and then slowly add the food back and see how it goes.



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