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    Blue (16 weeks old) was diagnosed with vaginitis (which causes frequent UTIs).* She also has an "innie" vulva- which is causing these infections.* The vet's idea is to continue to give antibiotics until her first heat (when her "innie" should correct itself), but I'm not very comfortable with keeping her body pumped full of antibiotics at a time when she's supposed to be building her immune system up.* I've heard (on different forums) there are other options for treatment (Cranberry pills, yogurt, Vitamin C). The vet wasn't familiar with any alternatives.

    For anyone that is familiar with the alternative treatments (Cranberry pills, yogurt, Vitamin C) or combination of those treatments, what are the proper dosages?
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    I would first check with your vet to make sure that the pH of the urine is where it is supposed to be. Normal is anywhere from 6.2-6.5. You can also test the urine at home with pH test strips you can get at health food stores. If the pH of the urine is too high it can contribute to vaginitis and UTI's. I would not be comfortable keeping a puppy on antibiotics either, maybe you could get a second opinion also...

    One option that is listed in "The Veterinarians' Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs", by Martin Zucker is using a combination of the amino acid methionine and cranberry extract, both found in health food stores.
    *Methionine: Give 2x daily. Small and med dogs, 100 mg each time; larger dogs, 200 mg. If the urine is not acidic on two doses of methionine, increase to three times.
    *Cranberry extract: Give 3x daily. Small dogs, 100mg each time; medium dogs 200mg; large dogs 300mg; giant breeds, 400 mg

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