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    Kallie was diagnosed with puppy vaginitis when she was younger..our vet told us she had an "innie" and gave her antibiotics...the vaginitis came back and our vet assured us that once we had her spayed she would be a year and a half later she still has vaginitis...I have done alot of reading and only just found out that we should NOT have spayed her until her first heat...I feel horrible..we do the wiping and we use a medicated powder on her..but the problem now is that Kallie has developed a Staph Infection...we treated with a high dose of antiboitics a few months ago and once the medicine was done the staph came back...I believe that the staph is caused by the almost constant licking "down there"..I was wondering if, short of surgery, any of you had any advice as to how I can treat her vaginits..I have been treating the staph naturally...and I'm pretty confident that once I get the vaginitis undercontrol I can beat the staph...obviously I am not a doctor..just a concered mom who feels horrible about the constant irritation that Kallie feels..Thanks for the help...Kim

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    Sorry to hear about the problems she's been having. I don't know anything about the vaganitis but Mocha had a staph infection a while back. Have you go any type of medicated shampoo from the vet. That's what the vet gave us for Mocha's Staph and it cleared it right up. We just washed her belly with it I think every other day for a week or two and it never came back. I wonder if this wouldn't help with the vaganitis too since it would get the area cleaner than just the wipe. I'd also have to say try a different vet if you can all vets are NOT created equal and man unfortunately are not very good. As you've already discovered I've always heard that when they have an innie to wait until after the first heat to spay as it normally pops out then. I hope you find some answers and she gets to feeling better.

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    Dogs can undergo vulvoplasty to correct the innie. I would make sure to do extensive research when selecting a vet to perform the procedure, preferably one with a lot of experience, if you decide to have this procedure done.



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