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    Defaultlumps on cheeks

    My Puppy Gus has a 2 lumps on the sides of his face, both sides
    one is lower than other. it is in the cheek area, just under his eye but close to lip area.
    the Vet said a lymphnod.
    it moves around like a fatty cyst.
    some days the one is larger than the other.
    i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this in any puppy they have
    he is almost 5 months they came out when he was about 3 mos.

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    DefaultRe: lumps on cheeks

    When Ruger was a pup he had a lump about the size of a dime that would pop up when he lay down sleeping. It was really only noticable when he lay down to sleep. I could push this lump around and it was a bit squishy. The vet felt it and said it was most likely a saliva gland that was filling up. As he grew old, the lump diminished. Now he no longer has it.

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    DefaultRe: lumps on cheeks

    Yea, it is squishy and it is in that are
    and the vet did say it could be a saliva glad.
    the the one side is more noticeable than the other and sometimes it it isn't that big
    i am glad to hear it should go away.
    Thank You


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