Another Dry Food Opinion

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Thread: Another Dry Food Opinion

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    DefaultAnother Dry Food Opinion

    Another Dry Food Opinion

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    DefaultRe: Another Dry Food Opinion

    I think I posted on the "other" forum, but all three are good. It really depends on how your dog does on them. All three of those foods are quality foods.

    Typically, if I have several foods that I like, I start with the most easily available and/or the cheapest and go from there. If the store down the road sells a food he does well on, it'll save you time and effort.

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    DefaultRe: Another Dry Food Opinion

    I've never tried those foods on my dogs because they are not available here but from what I have seen they look good.

    I agree with what Nick said about using what your dog does best on. Innova for example is more expensive than Kirkland but it doesn't mean to say that your dog will do better on it.


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