Long urination?!
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Thread: Long urination?!

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    DefaultLong urination?!

    My 3.5 year old chocolate lab pees for a REALLY long time - probably a solid 30 seconds at least! Does anyone else's lab do this? I'm worried that it is a sign of some sort of kidney disease...but I tend to get paranoid. He can hold his pee, so its not like its out of control. And, he otherwise seems healthy and happy. Any ideas? Thanks and sorry for the weird question!!

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    DefaultRe: Long urination?!

    I looked up kidney failure in the Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook by Giffon and Carlson. If your boy isn't having problems holding his bladder in the house and he doesn't have to go out all of the time and he isn't drinking excessive amounts of water, I wouldn't worry about it.
    I would recommend you get the book above, it will pay for itself in trips you don't take to the vet.

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    DefaultRe: Long urination?!

    Rocky takes FOREVER to pee. depending on our routine, but if he needs to empty it can take awhile (and he does this quite often).

    Charlie (foster) and Rocky


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