Need Some Help ... Gross Pictures Attached! A "Long" Read Too!
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Thread: Need Some Help ... Gross Pictures Attached! A "Long" Read Too!

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    DefaultNeed Some Help ... Gross Pictures Attached! A "Long" Read Too!

    Hello Again All,

    It has been about a year and a half since my last post, and now I'm here to get some advice. Our black Lab Riley will be 4 in December. He is half Black Lab(mom) and half Golden(dad). He weighs in at a hefty/healthy 105 lbs., and I'll tell you at several times my wife and I wondered if he would ever stop growing! He was fixed at around 11 months and was never bred. He is active, loves to run at the park and around the yard. Just wanted you to get the idea of him before the situation. Ok, so why I'm here!

    I was out of town the week of September 25th. When I returned I noticed that Riley was doing a lot of licking around what the vet calls his prepuce. I asked my wife if she had noticed anything because he kept waking in the night and even woke me a few times with all his slobbering.

    In the morning I gave him the once over and found a white spot on the tip of his prepuce. In all honesty it looked like a pimple, but we called the vet. This has been our vet all along and we feel very confident with them. He has got us through quite a bit with Riley including a broken foot! Don't ask ... When they're big, they're clumsy! Anyhow he says bring him in.

    Monday October 2nd I bring him to the vet, he checks him out and asks if we ever bred him. He look around the area, inside and all over, but all that was there was this one spot. He said that it appeared to be some type of Staph Infection and prescribed Panalog Cream (7.5g), rub infected area twice daily, and monitor to see if it worsens. That was pretty much the story until Thursday night October 12th (10 days later). I came home from work as usual and went to feed Riley and apply the cream. I applied the cream right before he would eat so it has time to get in there before he tried to lick it off. Well tonight I find another spot forming. Again, it looks like a pimple with a white head on it. It's too late for the vet, so we call in the morning, and they say bring him in.

    Friday October 13th (uh oh!) we return to the vet. He checks him out and can't believe the cream hasn't helped. Everything else looks good and he even went back to his office to check a dermatology book to verify he wasn't missing something. He still believes were looking at a Staph Infection of some kind and decides to up the meds. He prescribes Clavamox tablets (375g each), 2 tablets (750g) - twice a day (1500g daily), and continue with the Panalog Cream. It has been 5 days (including Friday) that we have been using the Clavamox and I guess it's looking a little (stretch) better. Not really looking like white spots, but more like sores at this point. The attached pictures are from this morning. As I said, he is doing fine, running around like crazy and seems himself otherwise.

    The vet wants us to call on Friday and give him an update whether its looking better or not. I said earlier we trust this vet and we do, but it doesn't hurt to ask around for advice.

    The next step is probably biopsy and testing. He said he would remove them both while he's there, but again this is LAST RESORT!

    We hate to know Riley is uncomfortable and what to do the very best to make him better. Have any of you been through something like this or seen anything like this? I can only hope they are getting better, and so far no new ones are cropping up. We just hope it's not something worse.

    Thanks for your reading this and your comments, I look forward to hearing from you.



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    DefaultRe: Need Some Help ... Gross Pictures Attached! A "Long" Read Too!

    Poor boy. I have never experienced or seen this, although we did have an issue with Hudler when he was younger where he was constantly licking his prepuce. After some investigation, we noticed that it was REALLY red and inflamed but no "pimple" or anything. One of the hairs looked really wierd, so I grabbed it in my fingers and pulled it out. Turns out it was a boars hair bristle from my hair brush. It must have fallen out on the floor, and Hudler likes to drag his belly on the carpet. He skewered himself with the bristle. What are the odds, and thankfully I am not squeamish and just got down there and pulled....

    I hope your boy heals fast...staph infection just doesn't sound good. Did the vet try to drain the spots at all?

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    DefaultRe: Need Some Help ... Gross Pictures Attached! A "Long" Read Too!

    Poor Riley!! Sadie broke out in a staph infection the day after we brought her home. It started with a couple little bumps and then as those little bumps got bigger a few more little ones would pop up. She was on Clavimox for 14 days and I really didn't start to see any improvement until the second week. The improvement was more on the little bumps that didn't have the white spots on them yet, the big puss filled ones took almost the entire 14 days to get better. Wish I took pictures of Sadies so you could see what hers looked like, but it was very similar to Riley's, but it cover her entire unterside.

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    DefaultRe: Need Some Help ... Gross Pictures Attached! A "Long" Read Too!

    Actually the vetdid give them a pretty good squeeze but I don't think his ultimate intention was to drain them. When they were larger and whiter, there is no doubt that they would have burst. I think he wanted to leave them alone.

    Thanks for the quick feedback! I guess I feel a little better, he did mention that we may need another dose of Clavamox before we're done with this. Everyone is appreciated!

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    DefaultRe: Need Some Help ... Gross Pictures Attached! A "Long" Read Too!

    Millie had 2(side by side) pimples like that in her mid section on her belly a 2 weeks ago,now these were puss filled,soft red/white pimples and werent hard or anything....So I asked the vet about them and he just popped them, and they are now gone.

    But Im not suggesting you do this as I dont know exactly what you are dealing with,the pics look like the same thing and all I can describe it as* is.... I had thought about popping them myself before I* went to the vet,it was very thin skin that was puss filled bump,like a huge zit.

    Not sure what it was but they are gone now with no trace,havent seen anymore of them was thinlking maybe it was something she got from the water.

    Good Luck hope he gets better!


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