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    Well i put this in the lab chat board but after re reading it my main questions have to do with eating, and health so i figure this is a more appropriate place for it. The following is a recap of mine and marley's first night together. Please help if you can!

    So things didnt go as smoothly as i hoped. When i got to the vet i found out my poor marley had contracted kennel caugh, along with being in heat, receiving two different shots booster/rabies and being spayed. I wish i woulda known all these things would have been going on. Poor marleys stomach and immune system must be tore up She was a very well behaved girl and slept in her crate with out any fighting. Infact thats where she is at this moment. I didnt sleep well last night due to being woken by hearing her collar move and inspecting to make sure she wasnt licking her stitches. When she does i just say HEY marley! and she stops. However when she's licking her privates i dont stop her. I dont know if thats a natural thing to do when a dog is in heat but i dont want to take everything she wants to do away.

    As far as feeding goes, she didnt eat a scrap. I offered her cheese with her pain pills/antibiotics in them which she started to eat till she got to the first pill, and then decided to just reject the whole thing. On a later attempt to open her jaw and drop the pills down her throat, she threw up this piece of cheese along with the little water she managed to drink. Poor baby. So i put water and food in her crate with one of her pills wrapped in peanut butter and kibble, and two in a little venison doggy treat. All of which were untouched. I also tried to hand feed her to no avail.

    She got up with me for her morning walk and i made sure to say okay marley, going outside now, outside. Trying to get her to associate the word. We then walked a few yards and she proceeded to take a short tinkle. Immediatly after she was done i made sure to say "what a good girl marley, good outside baby. Such a good girl marley" as i pet her. She walked loyaly right by my side even though i let the leash out to full lenght. After a bit of no more doggy business we went inside. I told her to go lay down and she hopped on my bed. So i walked over to her crate and said No marley, get down and come here to your crate, come on marley" and she hopped down and wen tin just fine, where she is now trying to get a bit of shut eye, but i dont know if thats going to work out well or not.

    Our Plan for today: i've left kibble and water in her cage as well as her pills mixed in with a venison treat. I've also gotten a kong, froze it with kibble and peanut butter blocking the holes which im going to put in her cage when i leave for school. She also has a rope with a pig ear on it which she has been licking from time to time but not chewing. I'm going to be in school from 7:45 till 4 but i have a couple friends who are going to come in arround noon and let her out, try playing with her a bit and see if she will take any meds if she hasnt eaten them by the time they arrive.

    I was doing some reading on kennel caugh and it seems like its just got to run its course so my question is this. How imperitive is it for me to feed her her antibiotics? Last time i tried to pry her jaw open she puked and i dont want to put her through that again I know she's a bit unsure of her new home, but im doing the best i can to shower her with love, yet she still is recovering from her spaying and shots so she doesnt really show much interest. however i found that when i pet her using my cheeck and nose against her face it relaxes her and she shuts her eyes.

    Am i doing everything right? or am i being to neglectful as far as her pain meds and antibiotics? I hope she gets better.

    -Kevin and Marley

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    DefaultRe: Medication Importance?

    Try peanut butter or cream cheese. Around here, those are always sure bets for getting medication down.

    I personally would never forgo antibiotics if prescribed. But medical questions should really be addressed w/ your vet.

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    DefaultRe: Medication Importance?

    I also posted this in Lab Chat.

    If your vet has prescribed her anti-biotictics is is essential she takes them. They are a part of the healing process. Try wrapping in them in other types of food. Maybe come canned dog food might appeal to her. If all else fails unfortunately you will have to try the hands on tactic. My dogs have no problems taking pills but I have to use a hands on method with the is important you make them swallow it all.

    Has she touched her kibble at all? I wouldn't be overly concerned because you have only just got her. Her not eating is probably part of the adjustment process. She is still coming to grips with her new surroundings. A dog won't intentionally starve itself so she should eat when she is hungry and her mind is at ease. I would not leave food down all day. Put her on an eating schedule twice a day. Put the dish down in the mornings. If it goes untouched, remove it after 15 minutes. Same in the evenings. Really within a few days she should start eating. If not you will have to take action...changing or adding something to her food perhaps.

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    DefaultRe: Medication Importance?

    Sounds like when we brought Riley home from the emergency vet last year!After diagnosed with Valley Fever, 4 days in hospital to find this out!
    First 3 days home for her, barely any water, and no food!

    Let Marley have today to settle in, she is adjusting to all new surroundings! Pills should be given at appropriate times, or as close as possible...With Riley when she came home had no intrest in food, so it took many different things to intrest her...cream cheese, canned food, sliced cheese, peanut butter..etc, you will find something to appeal to creative if necessary, but it may not work all the time, so mix it up a little if necessary!

    It will take a few days, and she should get into the swing of things, make sure to maintain your regular schedule with her, which it sounds like you are. This is a difficult time with a sick dog, but they bounce back amazingly well, with a little patience from you!

    Good Luck, and let us know how she is doing!!!!

    PS. In my experience, the licking thing is normal in heat, just don't let her mess with the incision area!
    Intense supervision for the next few days!

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    DefaultRe: Medication Importance?

    We use liverwirst also for pills. My labs are okay with peanut butter but will never refuse liverwurst! Our Shi Tsu, 11 YO Windsor, has to have 2 heart pills a day and he gets them with liverwurst. If he spits them out he gets them admininstered by hand! Not a hard thing to do as he is only 15 pounds, but he sure does wriggle! We make sure we hold his head up and then licks his lips before we let him go so we know it has gone down. Most of the time he barks for it and sits pretty when we give it to him........


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