pre-emptive manner/Ear infection
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Thread: pre-emptive manner/Ear infection

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    Defaultpre-emptive manner/Ear infection

    2 tablespoons/Boric acid
    4 oz./Rubbing alcohol
    1 tablespoon/Glycerine

    I had read this somewhere through the internet. I had made it prepared at the pharmacy and I have been using this medication one drop in each ear and let him shake his head immediately after application. In the article they mention this is useful to prevent rather than to cure any form of bacterial infection! I do not know whether it prevents or not but he did not have any ear infections so far in spite of prolonged swimming sessions.


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    DefaultRe: pre-emptive manner/Ear infection

    That would be helpful maybe for someone's dog who has already had at least 1 or 2 infections. I firmly believe that if a dog has not had problems to leave the ear alone. Addng preventative measures can interfere with the natural balance. So, if it's not broken don't fix it, knd of thing. My dog swims daily 6 months a year and for long periods and we have not have a problem. So, I'm not going to add anything in there and possibly throw things off.

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    DefaultRe: pre-emptive manner/Ear infection

    I don't clean my dogs ears either. Hudler and Maddy both had issues at one time. But once they cleared up, I stopped cleaning. If I suspect something, I start the cleaning. I use a home-made remedy with boric acid, witch hazel and tea tree oil and it clears it up FAST. Grace has never had an ear issue, and other than me wiping out the immediate part of her inside ear with witch hazel, I don't do anything.


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