Anybody feed Nature's Recipe ?
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Thread: Anybody feed Nature's Recipe ?

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    Want to know if anybody is feeding their lab Nature's Recipe food. I have been feeding Tucker large breed Nutro Lamb & Rice and was happy in the beginning when i first rescued him his coat was dandruff and dull and Nutro seem to help that alot but lately he has been getting dull again and having ear issues just wondering if anybody has had success with Nature's Recipe because it has no wheat or corn which i believe Tucker as allerigies to. Any input would help

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    I feed Cinnamon Nature's Variety Raw Instinct. I looked on the web and cannot tell if it is the same company or not.

    I had the same problems you are describing with Nutro and went through a variety of foods. I switched her to Raw Instinct because of the no wheat or corn because my BR dog (see siggy) comes twice a week for the day. They live in a townhouse and work so she comes to play on the weekends and Tues and Thurs or Fri. She was scratching so we figured only swtiching her at home would do no good as she always eats here as they are both self regulators. The difference this has made in both dogs is unreal. Cinnamon doesn't scratch at all anymore and her pads are black again instead of red. The vet told me it was a grass allergy but I guess he was wrong. Cierra's scratching has cut down 80% in the 2 months since we switched and she no longer has ear issues.

    I know it is more expensive but it is so dense that you feed less and they want less. Cinnamon probably eats about 1 to 1 1/2 cups per day. Cierra on days she is not here eats 1/2 to 3/4 cut but when she is here and running she eats 1 1/2 cups but as a fox hound she is very high energy she wears Cinnamon out.

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    I've been feeding Oona Natures Recipe Lamb, Barley, and Rice since May and she is doing very well. At first she hated it but eventually she warmed up to it. Last year at this time she had a hot spot on her chest and we were fighting major ear problems.


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