HD and Muscular Dystrophy or toxoplasmosis
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Thread: HD and Muscular Dystrophy or toxoplasmosis

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    DefaultHD and Muscular Dystrophy or toxoplasmosis

    I received some distressing news this afternoon. I went to a diagnostician last week because of Phoenix's lethargy and stiff gate. After a lengthy exam, I was referred to TX A&M to their neurology specialists. Phoenix's x-rays show severe HD. To make matters worse, she is concerned that he may have muscular dystrophy or toxoplasmosis too. We've done the bloodwork for the toxo... and should hear more later this week. If he has MD he is not a good candidate for tpo and may not do well with alternative surgeries.

    All the information I found on the web referenced MD as anything from completely degenerative to mildly debilitating. If the blood tests are negative we will be doing a muscle biopsy. If he has MD what can I expect?

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    DefaultRe: HD and Muscular Dystrophy or toxoplasmosis

    I'm so sorry about Phoenix. My dog has elbow dysplasia (ED), and I remember how painful the discovery was for me. I don't know anything about MD, but maybe you can look into physical therapy? I have no idea if it's helpful with MD. My dog lost a lot of muscle mass because of the pain caused by loose fragments of bone in his elbows. After the surgery, underwater treadmill really helped him build the muscle back. Maybe it can work for Phoenix, too.

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    DefaultRe: HD and Muscular Dystrophy or toxoplasmosis

    I don't have info about any of the conditions you listed, but I have been following your posts on Phoenix. I just wanted to say that I am sorry you are having to go through this. Hopefully all of the tests will be negative.


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