Should I be worried??
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Thread: Should I be worried??

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    DefaultShould I be worried??

    OK if you read my other post this morning I woke up to a crate full of diarrea.... YUCK. (bween home with us 6 weeks and NEVER had even a pee in his crate)

    But after that he ate really good and played for a while so I though all was well. But now he has been sleeping mostly for about 2 hours which is really unusual for him in the morning he is usually a terror.....

    He just had a fecal test last week along with a full exam about less than 2 weeks ago and he was clean, parasite free.....

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    DefaultRe: Should I be worried??

    I'd be concerned. Obviously the diarreha isn't normal and neither is the quietness you're seeing. Does he have a temperature? You should check. If not, and you're sure he hasn't gotten into anything and he doesn't get any worse, you might be able to wait until tomorrow before he's seen by a vet.

    However, I'm not a vet nor do I play one on TV. I don't know your dog and I can't see what is normal for him and what is not. Therefore, if you are concerned, he should be seen today.



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