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    DefaultSpot on his nose

    Levi just turned 1 year old on Monday (yay!!)

    The very next day I noticed a round bump on his nose. It's roughly the size of a dime. At first I didnt think much about it, it looked like a mosquito bite. It's now starting to get taller and oozing (ew). I've squeezed it, pressed it, doesn't seem to cause him any problems. No pain. No itching. Just getting taller and oozey.

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this or have any idea what in the world it could be?

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    DefaultRe: Spot on his nose

    Sounds like it could be a HISTIOCTYOMA. My dog had one last year. Just leave it alone and it will go away on its own. Will take at least a month to disappear.

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    DefaultRe: Spot on his nose

    Histiocytomas don't normally ooze unless the dog messes with them. I think under normal conditions they are dry.

    Did you ever take you dog to the vet for it?


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