Fungal infections?
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    After being on the adoption waiting list for five long months for a service dog organization, SU and I will finally get to meet a Lab for potential adoption on Saturday! If we feel he's a good match for us, we'll take him home that day. WOO-HOOOOOO!

    He's an 8 month old yellow boy who was taken out of the guide dog program due to a fungal infection he developed on his front paws. The vet told me he's doing much better after a few weeks of special shampoos and medication, and this could have been just a by-product of his young immune system. Or it could be a sign of serious allergies to come.

    If we take him (and at this point I'm thinking "How could we NOT?"), SU and I will be committed to dealing with whatever life sends our way regarding this boy. I'm just trying to get a sense of what we may be in for.

    Anyone out there with allergic dogs who started out with something similar that progressed? I know it's not much info to go on, but I'm also wondering if other Lab owners whose dogs do NOT suffer from environmental or food allergies have occasional fungal infections.

    (I also cross-posted in general Lab Chat for maximum exposure.)


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    DefaultRe: Fungal infections?

    We have dealt with many allergies with Riley, 3 yr old lab, and have found sometimes very trying times, but wouldn't give her up for the world.
    She also has hyperthyroidism, and valley fever, to say the least a lot of problems, but nothing compares to that big goofy,slobbery tounge!!!
    I say go for it, you may not have as many problems as you think!!


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