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    DefaultConstant Sleep...

    I just adopted a puppy from the humane society the day befroe yesterday She seems to be perfectly healthy and alert, but there's one thing that concerns me... She sleeps sooooooooo much! She's been sleepin for over an hour on her bed already. She'll go out to pee and then come back in a and sleep. When I hold her she falls asleep in my arms. Any position, any environment, she just sleeps!

    is this normal? hehe

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    DefaultRe: Constant Sleep...

    How old is she?

    If she is young you have no reason to be concerned. Puppies should be sleeping most of the day. Think of the pup like a human baby...they sleep all the time. Sleep is good.*

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    DefaultRe: Constant Sleep...

    I agree with Trickster. If their isn't anything else going on, sleep is a sign that she feels safe and content. Enjoy the peace now while it lasts. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Constant Sleep...

    and remember, a doggie containment area is constantly in turmoil [tons of noise, coming-and-going of humans & animals 24/7...not exctly restful!
    .she may be extra-exhausted from not sleeping at all the entire time she was there-- and mentally 'done in' as well.

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    DefaultRe: Constant Sleep...

    Don't worry! That's just normal.
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