Is 9 yr. old lab bored or just hungry?
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Thread: Is 9 yr. old lab bored or just hungry?

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    QuestionIs 9 yr. old lab bored or just hungry?

    Our 9 yr old lab, Rudy, has been a great dog all these years. Once in a while he would get into the kleenex and shred it while we were gone and had chewed a whole in the mattress when he was still a young pup, but since then we had no major problems....up until now.
    When we go away we now have to put a gate across the backroom so he doesn't eat the tootsie rolls in the cat box. If we forget and don't put it up, he has a feast.
    Garbage in the can never used to be one of his cravings. But recently it has been. We even changed cans and bought one of the stainless steel one that has the spring door on it..well he puts his nose in and grabs whatever is in his reach and tips the can over and off comes the lid.
    Needless to say, we are very frustrated.
    We feel he is getting the same amount of attention if not more than Cody our black lab who is just a few years younger and we have had him since he was a pup. They are the best of brothers/pals.
    Does anyone have any suggestions or have you gone through this?
    We go to the vet next week for their annual shots and will run this by them when I get there.

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    It sounds to me like boredom. When you leave him, put everything he could get into into another room so he can't get it. What toys does he have? I would be leaving him things like frozen kongs & other indestructible (hopefully) toys to keep him occupied. Also if you're away for long periods, get a trustworthy neighbour or friend to come in & give him a walk.

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    Any significant change in behaviour, especially in an older dog, would have me at the vets. An increase in appetite could be a symptom of something not quite right physically, so I would most definitely mention it to the vet when you go.
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