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    Yep, we all have em, now what can you do about the terrible fear the babies have of them. My two get totally wild and there's not alot I can do to calm them.
    I've even set outside on the porch with treats and massages while lightning was going everywhere and they are still afraid.
    Now days when it starts to sprinkle, the fear sets in.
    Can't hide from them so I hope someone has a cure for the scaredys
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    My best advice is to not try soothing them or comforting them while the storm is going on. My late shepherd had this issue and it got worse as she got older. I would close all windows, turn on the TV and the AC - and then go about my business. She would sit and shake and follow me around - but me acting normally helped keep her from really going off the deep end.

    Comforting a fearful dog reinforces their fear and makes it much worse.

    There are methods for behaviorally desensitizing dogs with noise/storm fears - it is a lengthy process. Do a google search and you will find a lot of info on it. Alternatively there are medications available if your dogs are truly debilitated by their fear.
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