Increase food amount??
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Thread: Increase food amount??

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    DefaultIncrease food amount??

    We were sent home with a sheet regarding food intake and how much we should feed.
    EG. 2 months ~ 2 cups/day
    3 months ~ 3/cups/day

    My question is now that Rowan is 8 weeks old should I be increasing the amount of her food by a quarter of a cup each week until she reaches the 3 cups at 12 weeks or do I just wait and do the increase at 3 months?

    Currently I am adding a little rice to help with the diarrhea so am not overly worried but wanted to know for when i get that problem under control.


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    DefaultRe: Increase food amount??

    I was waiting for one of the breeders to answer this but since they haven't...I'll give you the information that I have always followed for our puppies.

    1) read the recommended dosage for a puppy your age on the bag

    This will have a range i.e. 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 cups per day

    2) I have always determined the activity level of my puppy to decide where in that range I should begin my feeding amounts.

    At two months, I considered Callie to be active; in other words, since I am home with her all day, she was not crated for several hours out of neccessity.* She went outside for four free romp periods per day and two 10 minute training sessions per day. When not in the crate, she had two other dogs to play with...the minute she woke, she was after them to play tug of rope, chase the ball, or bitey this equated to almost every waking minute being an active one. I fed her the highest amount recommended for her age.

    She seemed to stay on the active side of the range until about 7 months...she is much more inclined to sleep when the boys do and romp when they do now but she has periods of wake time that is simply laying on my attempt to play with me, and not harrassing the older boys to play bitey face with she falls into the mid range of her age group now.

    A visual aid to this is of course that you should see a waist from the top down and see but not feel the ribcage.

    As to working up to a change in a certant extent you should work up to it, although it is mostly just to determine what is the right amount for YOUR particular puppy.* It takes a while usually to figure it out.* Remembering that those charts are guidelines and should be followed explicitly only to the extent that the fulfill your dogs needs.


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