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Thread: Crates

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    Do any of you use the wire crates? We are looking to get a large wire crate for Bailey to be in upstairs while we are eating. He has a plastic one right now. Are there any that you recommend?


    Jessica Schulte

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    DefaultRe: Crates

    I think most people on here have wire crates. They are definitely more practical.

    Speaking of crates, DakotasMom on this forum just wrote a great article on them;

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    DefaultRe: Crates

    Hey all --

    We use a crate for our new y.lab mix, Suzie. We've only had her a few days, so at night she
    sleeps in the crate and when we are out of the house, she also uses it -- just until she gets
    used to the house and we learn each others' habits better.

    I can't remember the brand though. Sorry :-(

    Cyndi and Suzie-Q

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    DefaultRe: Crates

    I have two of the plastic crates. One is at my place where Oakley sleeps at night and the day while I am at work. I have one at my parents for when she is there and they need to crate her. Both crates are on long term loan to me from friends who aren't using them anymore. That's the right price for me! -FREE!

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    DefaultRe: Crates

    We have a wire crate with a divider.

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    DefaultRe: Crates

    I have two wire crates, 42", and one soft crate, 42". All this, and only one dog :P

    FWIW, the wire crates are Midwest Life Stages 1642DD.

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    DefaultRe: Crates

    I strated my pups out in a plastic crate, as I was afraid that they would get their jaws stuck between the wires as wee ones. Now they are in ex-pens at home when they need to be confined, in soft crates or wire crates at shows.


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