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Thread: seizures and runny nose

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    Hi, I'm Sharon, Willy's Mom. He had a seizure on 9/9 and seems to be better but weak and sort of lost acting. He was very weak right after it and had trouble walking. Later in the day he was interacting with the other dogs and running. He is not moving as much in the last 2 days, is short tempered with the 2 other dogs and spends a lot of time standing is a dogs (child's) wading pool. He sat down yesterday with out bending his hind legs the usual way and today when bumped he almost toppled over. We live in the country and I think he has a fox tail up his nostril but I can't tell. His nose runs, he sneezes and snorts a lot. His nose is warm too but he won't let me get to close for to long. He is 12 years old, started life in the country, lived in an apartment for 10 years and is back in the country. He is sad and hurting and I don't know what to do. The nearest Vet is over an hours drive on a curvy road. I know this is a bit long but I am worried about my buddy.

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    The first thing that comes to mind is soreness, the kind you get after a vigorous workout when you're out of shape. If your old fellow had a grand mal seizure, he should be sore. However, I would probably take that drive to see my vet. Better safe than sorry, and the foxtail can be pretty serious too. Be sure to let us know how he does.

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    if you think there's a foxtail in there, he needs a vet ASAP, as they can migrate thruout the body & do a lot of damage.
    considering his age, and the follow-up symptoms you describe, IMO he may have had a stroke...i myself have had one, and what you are describing is upsettingly familiar, sadly.
    to be blunt, this dog is 12, & the life expectancy of a lab is around 13 or so.
    at this point, IMO it is most important to be working on his QUALITY of life. do what you can to make things easy for him--keep annoyances to a minimum, maybe build a carpeted ramp to get in & out of the house, regular Rimadyl, whatever he needs to be comfortable and peaceful.
    once they are unhappy and in pain [especially because they don't understand aging at all] it is our duty as loving owners to take that sad last ride to the vets.


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