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    Lizzie (almost 11 months old) has been holding her pee, she rarely goes... She is very lazy in the evening, she usually does her last pee around 5pm, once the kids go to bed between 7-7.30pm thats it she is out for the count and does not like to be disturbed. Around 9-10pm I am trying to wake her to get her to go out (takes awhile) finally get her to come out and will she pee (NO) she has a little feeble play then slinks off back to bed.... she used to pee on demand but not anymore.. she then sleeps all night until 6am then is up and ready for her run with hubby, he said she doesn't even pee straight away then they can be out a good 10 mins before she does it!!! I'm a little worried about this, have to say she seems very happy, healthy.. doesn't want to be disturbed once the kids are in bed.. should I leave her be and let her sleep?

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    DefaultRe: Holding her pee..

    I tend to think that the statement "let sleeping dogs lie" applies here. If you really want her to go, you could revert back to the puppy potty training days and reward her when she goes. Of course this will only work if she's a total maniac for food the way mine is. :P

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    DefaultRe: Holding her pee..

    I don't think I'd worry too much about it. My Tucker is a lazy one, too. He'll go after dinner around 7 and then won't go again until the next morning. Half the time when I get up in the morning to let them out, Frankie will go and Tucker will stay put on the bed with my husband He also doesn't want to go right away when I get home from work...he'll wait 10 minutes or so and then lazily stroll outside to pee.

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    DefaultRe: Holding her pee..

    You could take her out for a short walk at night. Sometimes smelling around other areas where animals have passed will trigger the urge to mark.


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