Puppy warts?
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Thread: Puppy warts?

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    DefaultPuppy warts?

    I picked Clarence up from doggie day care yesterday (a fabulous place for anyone in the Denver area-For the Love of Dog--they're great there!) and they said he had something on his leg that had come off and started bleeding while he was there. They said it looked like a wart and said that warts are common in puppies but that they are usually around their faces and mouths, not places like legs. They showed me the spot, Clarence didn't even flinch when I touched it. It's on the back of his back left leg, kind of where his "ankle" is. Has anyone heard of puppy warts? I put some Neosporin on it and it's scabbed over now and doesn't seem to bother him. Any thoughts?

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    DefaultRe: Puppy warts?

    Maybe it was something else other than a wart?

    I've only heard of canine oral warts/papillomas and that's the only type of wart listed in my Giffin & Carlson's "Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook"
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    DefaultRe: Puppy warts?

    Mocha had canine acne a while back around her mouth I don't think I've heard of them on their legs but I'm no expert.
    this is sort of what Mocha's looked like and they can open up and puss and bleed but hers never did.


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