Dead mouse??
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Thread: Dead mouse??

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    DefaultDead mouse??

    Ok, so my lab mix puppy, Rex, is a little bit of a chewer and he puts everything he sees in his mouth. Well I was walking him around the yard today and I spotted a dead mouse, just not quick enough. Rex had that thing in his mouth in no time and before I could pry his mouth open he had the whole thing swallowed. Is there something I should do? I mean I'm feel like he should be fine, but I'm new mom....I'm worried!

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    DefaultRe: Dead mouse??

    That's a tough one because you don't know what the mouse died from. If it were my dog I would probably induce vomiting.

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    DefaultRe: Dead mouse??

    I wouldn't worry unless he is acting up.

    My Maisy caught and ate a large pigeon at the weekend...umm, breakfast!!

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    DefaultRe: Dead mouse??

    If this were my dog, I'd get it to the vet ASAP for a check up.

    What if the mouse died from eating mouse poison ?. IF that was the cause of death, I'd be pretty concerned that it could go through the dogs system & cause untold problems.

    I have a standard policy of : If in doubt, go to the vet. How do you measure the time & money spent to be absolutely sure against a dogs life ?.

    The correct answer is, you can't.


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