10 day's and counting
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Thread: 10 day's and counting

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    I've figured out that Sammi is about 10 day's into her cycle, she has finally started to perk up! Earlier in the week she look clinically depressed. I have been taking her out on rides, actually took her for a short walk, but she seemed a little Skittish ( alot of dog's barking as we went by )Went to visit my co-workers, and today we went to Grandma's house and she was actually excited about a round of retreive! I'm hoping we are on the down hill slide of this. thank's again for all the advice you all gave- the attached pic. was taken earlier in the week.

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    DefaultRe: 10 day's and counting

    She's so pretty!!

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    She looks so sweet. Her facial expression is priceless! I'm glad to hear that she is perking up!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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