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    Maggie has a raw tail from biting it excessively. She had soem fleasa nd I used the frontline and I am pretty sure most of them are gone. But she is biting where the fleas fled to( the tail) and now she is raw. I bought soem Bag Balm and put it on. Anything else I should do?

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    Yikes.... I hope she feels better soon. Before you said fleas I was thinking allergies. If I were you, I'd take her into the vet. (but that's me... I worry)

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    Our dog has wounds from before we got her a couple weeks ago on her tail, and it's so hard to get them to heal. The vet said to rub vitamin E on it daily, and walk her immediately after to keep her from licking it. Also she mentioned neosporin. Poor Penny keeps reopening the wound though when she wags her tail, and the walls look like a bloodbath LOL...hopefully CSI doesn't come for a visit anytime soon!


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