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    My dog Floyd will have arthroscopic surgery for elbow dysplasia FCP and OCD. He is 15 months old and has had constant Vet care since we brought him home at six weeks. I saw the surgeon today and was very frustrated to learn that with an X-Ray at 6 months old it could have been discovered and treated sooner, giving him a better quality of life. If we could have a forum dedicated to sharing medical knowledge this would be very helpful. Elbow X-rays were taken when he was ten months old because of a nerve sheath tumor, which was removed. Two Vets viewed the X-rays and mentioned nothing about taking a closer look for Dysplasia. If I'd know I'd have asked for a closer look. During the surgery I've requested an X-ray of his hips for dysplasia. Please keep Floyd in your thoughts. His surgery is 9/7, and he is a fantastic dog who has brought much joy to our life.

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    I hope Daniel moves this into LabCHat or Health and Nutrition where more people will see it.

    Wishing you the best thoughts for Floyd.

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    Maddy had surgery at 14 months for FCP in both her elbows. We got it done one month after she started limping and prevented major cartilage loss due to our quick action. But it was a quick heal, and except for some occaisional stiffness (she is almost 4 now) she is perfectly fine.

    I am sorry to hear about your dog, You said Floyd's been under vet care since 6 weeks, meaning there were problems ever since you got him? What did the breeder have to say about this?

    I imagine you are frustrated hearing that if they had diagnosed his elbow issues sooner, he could have had a better quality of life, but are they sure he had FCP at 6 months? Was the pup limping? I guess if they thought the problem was a tumor and removed it, why would they look for anything else? I wouldn't expect it of the vets. It's not like you asked them to xray every inch and tell you if ANYTHING is wrong anywhere... Practicing medicine in humans and dogs is do the best you can.

    Floyd will recover and be back to his normal running and jumping...just remember to keep him lean and put him on glucosamine/chondrotin/MSM supplements immediately, if he is not on them already.

    FYI- FCP is thought to be environmental meaning that over exertion at a young age can cause the coronoid process to fracture off. We know exactly why it happened to Maddy. It's different from hip dysplasia where often the problem there is from a hip joint problem where the ball/socket aren't deep enough or the connection between the two sides isn't tight...which is more hereditary than environmental.


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