Adult Male Choc Lab - Urinary Crystals?
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Thread: Adult Male Choc Lab - Urinary Crystals?

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    Does anyone have any experience with an adult dog dealing with Urinary Crystals? Last month we took Chance to the vet. After playing outside in the evenings and going for our walks, he would be relaxing in the house (laying on the floor/rug/blanket), sometimes sleeping, and he would piddle. We kept finding little puddles of pee when he would get up. He was not having any problems urinating otherwise, but was licking himslef when he noticed he was dribbling. We suspected a UTI, but the Vet did an exam and tested his urine, and he had no infection but he did have traces of crystals. The vet said it was due to his diet. I had adopted him June 30th and gradually changed his food around July 12th to something that was higher quality. The vet said this was likely the cause (and the timing of the problem fits). So we had to buy Royal Canin Urinary SO food and he has been on this since the end of July. Now he drinks a lot more and pees a lot more. AND his accidents are now more than a little puddle, they are big puddles. I don't think it's his fault, since it happens when hes sleeping. Is he just a bed-wetter? How long does it take the Special Vet food to work? Also - my boyfriend caught him snacking on the cat's food - could this be contributing to the problem? Any suggestions on dealing with the messy situation while we wait for the vet food to fix it? The strange thing is he is home for 8 hours while we're at work, and we never find any accidents in his room... It seems like they only happen in the evening and occasionally overnight.

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    DefaultRe: Adult Male Choc Lab - Urinary Crystals?

    When Oona was about a year old she had crystals. The food we had her on was Eukanuba. The vet said that she had too much magnesium in her diet. We had to give her Wathams food (very expensive and the vets office was the only place we could get it)for about a month before we switched to something else.

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    Put the cat food where he can't get to it.


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