All this talk about feeding raw has gotten me interested and I've been reading some of the info that's been referred to.

I think I can see the advantages of feeding raw. However at first I didn't see much advantage in switching to meat (chicken, beef) which is full of growth hormones, antibiotics, and which has been fed a variety of unwholesome (to say the least) ingredients. On thinking further though, I realized that the kibble I'm feeding contains chicken or chicken meal, so not only is Sam getting the growth hormones and antibiotics in the chicken which is in the kibble, he's also getting the ingredients in the kibble itself! A Catch 22.

So you might as well feed raw chicken, accept the hormones and antibiotics, unless you can afford to feed organic chicken, which I cannot!

Okay, having worked my way laboriously thru all that logic, here's my question. I can feed a good bit of venison and avoid the growth hormones and antibiotics to some extent. I am just not clear on the percentages. If I understood right since he weighs 65 pounds he would get 1.5 pounds per day of combined raw meaty bones and veggies. Approx. 1 pound meat and 1/2 pound veggie mix. I'm not clear on the meat part. One pound of meaty deer bone is not very much! Especially since I feed him twice a day. am I off on how much he should be eating?