White Spot Near Penis????
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Thread: White Spot Near Penis????

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    DefaultWhite Spot Near Penis????

    I've owned Labs before but the previous two have been female. My new little man, Cody, has a white spot near the opening of his penis. Sorry to be graphic but it looks like a zit with a white head, although it isn't read around the white part. Does anyone know what this is? Currently he has a skin infection and I am bathing him with special shampoo from the vet. But this little white spot doesn't look related to the skin infection.

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated!! ;D

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    DefaultRe: White Spot Near Penis????

    Yes, it is pretty much a zit. It's called puppy dermatitis. It's pretty common in puppies from what I hear. Scotty had two when he was still a puppy also on his belly where there is not that much fur. It should go away on its own. If it starts to look infected, call your vet.


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