10 mo. old lab... quite the shedder (we have had her a month)
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Thread: 10 mo. old lab... quite the shedder (we have had her a month)

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    Default10 mo. old lab... quite the shedder (we have had her a month)

    Hi all,

    This is my first post.* Shadow is new to our family.* She was my parents.* She is 10 mos.* My parents lost there lab a year ago from a heart problem, and my mom ran out and got shadow.* My father just wasn't commited to training with her and was getting frustrated.* She came for a weekend and has never left.* It has been a fantastic month with her.* She has been so well behaved.* This is our first time owning a dog.* But both my husband and I have had dogs growing up.* The only bummer has been the shedding.* Although we new we were in for this, being that she is a black lab.* I brush her probably every couple days with a dog brush.* I vacuum and swiffer every couple days as well.* But I still cant seem to stay on top of it.* There is dog hair everywhere.* It seems to float through the house.* I feel like I need to vacuum every single day in order to get rid of it.* Is there anything that would help.* I have seen treats to reduce shedding, and alll different types of brushes.* Any advice would be much appreciated.* Till then we'll continue to pick dogs hairs out of our food, and love her sweet little face.

    Happy new first time lab owner,

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    DefaultRe: 10 mo. old lab... quite the shedder (we have had her a month)

    Labs shed.* Alot.* We really researched the breed and I knew that they shed, but I had no idea that Sami would shed soooo much.* In the year we've had her, she's lost at least an amount equal to three dogs and a small kitten* ;D*

    Wish I had an answer for you ... but my best advice is to just avoid looking.*

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    DefaultRe: 10 mo. old lab... quite the shedder (we have had her a month)

    Congratulations on your first dog! ThatsMyGirl is right...LABS SHED ALOT!!! From what I've read they usually blow their coats twice a year...during which time they will shed even more. But regualr shedding is pretty much all year. I had a yellow lab growing up and I forgot just how much they shed until I got Brigetta. She shed her puppy fur about a month ago which were just puffs of soft hair, now it's just hair everywhere. I've just had to realize that vacuuming has become my second job ! Others may have better advice...but I don't buy too much into treats that say they reduce shedding. I think feeding them a good quality food and regular grooming are important. Here are a few past threads on the subject...if you type in shedding under search you'll find a ton. Good luck!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: 10 mo. old lab... quite the shedder (we have had her a month)

    I didn't research Lab when I got kassa and horrified at the amount of fur. Gets everywhere. In the fridge, in the bed, under the glass coffee table, even under the glass in the clock. We have a saying in our house. It is an accessory and condiment.

    It is a problem everyone here complains about. I don't think there is anything you can do about it. Brushing does help.Especially when you see the tufts appearing. Last night I got a shopping bag of hair, and that was one side. ;D After awhile you get more used to it.

    Also decorate accordingly. I have light carpets and the black fur looks great on it. As to the " fur"niture. I put covers on things Ernie is allowed to sit on. I also keep him in one room. He is not allowed in the bedrooms, or living room and this helps.

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