Henery's first raw meal!!
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Thread: Henery's first raw meal!!

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    DefaultHenery's first raw meal!!

    So I finally decided to make the leap from raw-curious to raw-excited!! LOL!* ;D

    I'd been thinking about feeding raw for a long time now, and doing research on it, in hopes that it will help with Henery's gungy ears and itchies, and I would love for him to eat as well as he can for what I can afford. And maybe it will inspire me to eat a little better too!

    Anyway, I'm easing us both into it by using prepackaged frozen raw first (for one meal, and one meal kibble for ease of travelling/boarding), then, as I feel more comfortable with the whole thing, and learn more, I may delve into "real" raw!!

    Here are two short videos of Henery enjoying his ground chicken & bone this morning!!



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    DefaultRe: Henery's first raw meal!!

    Henry looks like he is enjoying his first raw meal!*

    I'll be interested to know if the raw food eliminates his ear/itchy problems.

    I would sooo love to switch to full raw but my dogs will have to put up with half and half. Come September it will be back to kibble full time until my schedule eases up.* :-\

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    DefaultRe: Henery's first raw meal!!

    Hope it helps his itchys. Taking Erns off dry food has been great for Ernie. Pain for me.

    I have been trialling making my own dry dog cookies/biscuits. (not sure what you call them). The last batch has been perfect and Ernie loves them. When I left him over night his sitter said it was great not to have to hassel with his raw stuff.
    I am also trialling some N.Z. dry food.

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