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    Clarence is going in to get "snipped" tomorrow. Poor guy doesn't know what's coming. Any advice for aftercare? He goes to the doggie day care at the vet's sometimes, I hope he doesn't freak out every time we take him there after tomorrow!

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    He will be fine. Most dogs are a little groggy for around 24 hours after surgery as the anesthetic wears off. You will also have to limit his exercise/activity until he has his stitches removed. If you are worried about aftercare, ask your vet. Your vet should give you advice on aftercare when you collect him anyway.

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    No worries. He will be ok. Just groggy but will be back to himself by the next day. You just have to make he doesn't jump around and run around too much for a few days. No long walks or retrieves or runs. Basic common sense stuff. If the stitches are dissolvable they will begin to disappear by the 3rd or 4th day. Just keep an eye out of swelling redness and any kind of discharge.

    Your vet will definitely let you know about the after care too. Just dont be afraid to ask any questions
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