Standard Question: How much to feed?
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Thread: Standard Question: How much to feed?

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    DefaultStandard Question: How much to feed?

    As I become more educated on my first ever experience with a lab...I'm learning more and more of what I've been doing wrong.

    Levi is about 10 months old and between 70 to 80 pounds. I've been feeding him about 4 cups a day and he seems to be reasonably okay with this. Am I feeding him too much? Too little? Your suggestions on feeding? :-D

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    DefaultRe: Standard Question: How much to feed?

    What brand of food you are feeding him? is he at a good weight?

    The right amount to feed depends on a number of factors; the quality of the food, the size/weight of the dog, the amount of exercise the dog receives, environmental factors (outdoor/cold weather dogs need more than indoor/hot weather dogs), etc.

    Dogs that are at their optimum weight should have a waistline and the ribs should be easily felt through a thin layer of fat. If your dog has both a good waistline and you can feel his ribs he is probably at a good weight. If you can't feel his ribs and he is barrel shaped, you are overfeeding.


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