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    DefaultHip dysplasia

    We took Cody today to get neutered and also had his hips xray'd.He had a couple of days where he seemed to be in some pain, the vet had thought maybe growing pains but suggested we do an xray when he came in at 6 months for the surgery since he would be sedated at that time. Well the xray's showed mild to moderate dysplasia in one hip and mild in the other. His dad is very sad because Cody was to be his hunting partner.
    I'm trying to be very optimistic and even the doc's said that Cody would be the one to let us know if he's in any kind of pain and how much training he could handle, if he'll even be able to retrieve. We of course don't want him to be in any pain and like I said has only had two episodes of being in some pain. For the rest of the time he's just a 6 month old crazy pup.
    We'd really like to hear from anyone who has had any experience with this especially with a youngster like Cody.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    DefaultRe: Hip dysplasia

    No advice here...just wanted to say sorry :-\

    I know someone who's pup has a slightly more severe case than cody and he was diagnosed around the same age as cody. He is only a 1.5 years old now but he really experiences no pain and leads a very happy healthy normal life. He retrieves and goes on walks. And like your vet said he lets his owners know when it's too much. His owner just has to make sure he maintains a good weight and gets good exercise like swimming and such.
    Don't give up hope on Cody. He may still be able to be a good hunting buddy. You just never know
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    DefaultRe: Hip dysplasia

    I just wanted to say I'm so sorry. Stay optimistic and I'll keep Cody in my prayers.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Hip dysplasia

    I'm sorry about Cody. My Scotty has elbow dysplasia, which was diagnosed around 7 months of age. My advice is to take Cody's X-rays to an ortho vet. Unfortunately, regular vets are not trained enough to always interpret the X-rays correctly. Just a couple of weeks ago, another member here posted similar bad news about her Lab, Trapper: diagnosis of HD by a regular vet looking at X-rays taken during neutering. She went to an ortho vet with Trapper, and Trapper got a clean bill of health.

    Also, an ortho vet will be much more knowlegeable about the options for your pup if he does have HD. You can probably submit Cody's X-ray to OFA for a preliminary evaluation if you want to get a 2nd or a 3rd opinion.

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    DefaultRe: Hip dysplasia

    My first Lab was a back yard bred girl. She was a wonderful, wonderful girl in every way, however, she too was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at about the same age as your dog - moderate in one hip and mild in the other. She became a working retriever at the age of 2 1/2 and I got a Junior Hunter title on her. She was in training for her Senior Hunter title when the work became too much for her hips, so I retired her at about 3 1/2, however, she was still able to retrieve on the occasional hunting trip - she just couldn't handle the really gruelling training that is required for competing in hunt tests. Sadly, I lost her to a Rimadyl overdose at the age of 4 1/2, but at that point she was sound as long as I didn't work her too hard.

    Start your boy on glucosamine/chondroitin supplements right away. Also, there is increasing evidence that a course of Adequan therapy given to a young dog with dysplasia can be very helpful. I would suggest you take your dog to an orthopedic vet for a consult and a long term plan of treatment. With proper management your dog will probably do fine, and he will certainly do much better long term if you are doing the right things to support him.

    And BTW, foods with glucosamine in them do not have enough glucosamine to be therapeutic - you must give a separate supplement.

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    DefaultRe: Hip dysplasia

    Labsrme, your situation sounds very similar to our situation.

    Jes was diagnosed officially at around 1 year, although we suspected it some 4 or 5 months earlier. He gets 3 Cosequin DS tablets per day, and usually a good swim. We don't do leashed runs, but he still does hunt and retrieve with me. He turns 4 this December and so far remains asymptomatic, whether that's the supplements, the exercising, or pure dumb luck, I don't know, but I don't plan on changing anything.

    As Labsrme indicated, Adequan is the new "hot" item for HD, and it's showing quite a bit of promise per Jes' ortho vet. Speaking of ortho vets, I'd highly recommend seeing one, even if it involves driving out of town. You'll get surgical options (and many aren't afraid to tell you surgery isn't in the dog's best interest if it's not), supplement information, as well as the do's and don'ts of a dysplastic dog.

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    DefaultRe: Hip dysplasia

    Sorry...Rider was recently diagnosed with mild HD in one hip too. See an ortho, but what you will find is to treat the symptoms, not the x-ray.

    Rider is on Cosequin DS as well, and we have been greenlighted to continue what he's doing in terms of exercise, which is a lot of swimming and retrieving. I wouldn't give up that hope yet.
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    DefaultRe: Hip dysplasia

    I am so sorry for you and your pup.

    Ernie is 4 and has serious HD. I adopted him so had no control over what went on previously. One of the most important things is keep the dogs weight down and not too much or too little excersie.No jumping. Swimming is the best thing.

    I agree with everyone else. See a good Ortho, and start Glucosamine. I have heard some problems can be fixed before they get too old.

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