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    Hi Everyone!

    We leave food down for Trooper (he's one yr old) and he doesn't eat it all. So we end up letting him have the food bowl all day. I know a lot of people feed twice a day. It never worked that way for Trooper. We just are trying Life's Abundance for him and he loves it. He eats it all. It says on the bag to give his size 3 1/2 cups daily. Is that all he should have for the whole day? Or do they mean per feeding he gets.
    Just wondering what all of you do for feeding. It doesn't look like much to give him 3 1/2 cups per day.

    Thanks for your time!

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    DefaultRe: Feeding

    Different foods recommend different amounts - it's based on total calories. When they recommend an amount it is meant for the whole day. If you can feel his ribs and not see them then you are feeding the right amount. I've always fed twice per day (healthier) - and moisten the food just a little bit.

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    DefaultRe: Feeding

    I never follow the recommendations on the back of the bag. If you follow the back of the bag two things usually happen...either you overfeed or you underfeed. Personally, I adapt for the individual. I feed according to the the age and activity level of the dog. My dogs are very active and get fed 3 cups a day along with raw bits and healthy scraps.

    The amount to feed not only depends on the age and activity level of the dog but other things like weight (dogs that are overweight should be fed according to their target weight and not their actual weight), the dogs metabolism, any environmental factors (dogs in colder climates need more food), the brand of food, any scraps/treats/bones given, and so on.

    As threelabs rightly said, you should do the rib test to determine whether or not your dog is at the correct weight. If he is at the correct weight (you can easily feel ribs) you are probably feeding the right amount. If you can't feel the ribs, you need to cut back. If he looks too thin (ribs visible), you are not feeding enough.


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