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    Ruby has a small cut on the inside of her the end, the nice soft part. She just will not leave it alone. It scabs up, and I can hear her when she goes after it...She scratches, and rolls aroud until she has removed the fresh scab (cries). It has been about a week now. (Maybe a week and a half) Any suggestions as to how I can help clear it up. It started out looking like a bug bite, but it is getting bigger every time she irritates it...Maybe like a Cheerio now. Maybe if I kept dabbing it with some antibiotic cream? There isn't a tick...but it did start out looking like a bug bite. Thanks..

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    Probably should make her wear an e-collar until it heals.

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    ehh, I thought about that, and I still have it from her spay...I never used it. I am wondering why such a tiny cut, would cause her so much discomfort. Maybe it's tender location?....If I have to... I will.


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