a butt tuck or bunnie hop?
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Thread: a butt tuck or bunnie hop?

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    Defaulta butt tuck or bunnie hop?

    This may be a really silly question to those of you have had lab's for along time, but for a newbie I was just wondering!!! What is the difference between a good butt tuck when your pup is running or bunny hopping, which would be a sign of hip dysplacia. Sammi sometimes has a full on butt tuck when running, but to me it also looks like a bunny hop. Guess I'm just another paranoid mom worried about my furbaby!! She shows no other sign's of hip problem's. Oh yeah she turned 6 month's on the 3rd of this month and last vet visit he said her hip's/knee's felt good.

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    DefaultRe: a butt tuck or bunnie hop?

    Not a silly question.
    Butt tuck the bum drops down, and they run..

    Bunny hopping from sore hips looks exactly like a bunny hopping.Ernie has H.D. and both his back legs move together.The butt is still in the same position as when walking. His legs are very stiff and has a noticeable odd gait. Because Ernie has bad hips so he doesn't butt tuck much, but when he does his butt drops only a little bit.

    Kassa had a great butt tuck. Her butt would go almost to the ground, her front would come up like a speed boat and she would run, with a kind of skidding run. Very funny to watch a good butt tuck.

    .Hope this helps. I am sure someone else will explain it better than I can.

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    DefaultRe: a butt tuck or bunnie hop?

    When your pup gets spayed...request for an xray for her hips as well. It will help ease your mind.
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    DefaultRe: a butt tuck or bunnie hop?

    Maybe this will help - here's a picture of Sami mid-butt tuck!

    Just look for a smile on their face ... then you know it's a butt tuck


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