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    I am a new member and this is my first posting.

    My special friend is Clancy. He is a 2 1/2 year old Black Lab WHO is perfect. We are considering getting him a companion. We are looking for a female not for breeding purposes. My question is: Should we adopt a mature dog his age or go the puppy route.


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    DefaultRe: A Friend for Clancy


    It isn't advisable to get another puppy when you still have a puppy but since Clancey is 2 1/2 you could go either route, puppy or adult. It's entirely up to you.

    Personally I prefer an adult dog or older puppy for several reasons. First, I work full time and have a family to raise so I don't have the time needed to devote to a puppy. They are a lot of fun but they are a ton of work. Second, I can take an adult out with me everywhere immediately. I'd have to wait for a puppy to have its shots. Third, adults have longer attention spans so they tend to learn things quicker. I compete in obedience and agility with my dogs so having an older dog allows us to get into the ring a lot quicker.

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    DefaultRe: A Friend for Clancy

    Welcome to JL. I'm partial to adopting (my last 2 were rescues) since there are so many unwanted dogs. I'm also older and don't know if I am physically able any longer to raise a crazy lab puppy. Rescues usually have dogs of all ages. If you go the rescue route make sure you check out the rescue as well as they check you out. In this area (Washington, D.C.) there are 2 lab rescues, one is fantastic and the other could use a lot of work.

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    DefaultRe: A Friend for Clancy

    We've always gotten puppies.

    But don't get a dog just to give your dog a companion. I know lots of people say they are getting a second dog to keep the first one company. That's not really necessary. But if you love dogs and want another, go for it.


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